4 Year OldsGGeorgia & Christian Pre-K… “Energetic” and “Imaginative” best describe 4 year olds.

All senior TEAM members are certified teachers in accordance with the Office of School Readiness of Georgia. Our staff clearly understands that this age group has a strong need to feel important and worthwhile. Giving never ending praise of accomplishments while creating opportunities to experience freedom and independence are key factors at this stage of their development.

Seniors will experience:

  • Computer Lab
  • Reading Center
  • Math Projects
  • Science Discovery Center
  • Geographical & Cultural Studies
  • Art Expression

Changing weekly themes keep our “Seniors” busy with many different activities. We offer your choice of two excellent Pre-K programs:

Georgia State-Funded Pre-K

Creative Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate program designed to serve 4 & 5 year olds. It rests on a firm foundation of research and responds to the theory behind how children learn, the learning environment, the teachers’ role and the family’s role.

The environment is broken into 11 areas: blocks, dramatic play, games, art, library, discovery, sand & water, music & movement, cooking, computers and outdoors.

Private Christian Pre-K

Noted for its excellence in traditional Christian education, A Beka Curriculum raises the bar of standards in publishing educational materials for Christian schools.  This program helps Pre-K children discover God’s love by integrating key Bible concepts into our A Beka Pre-K curriculum.

Each concept is chosen especially to bring God’s Word to a Pre-Ker’s world and to help each child begin to build a spiritual foundation that will last a lifetime.

We strive to promote an environment that encourages children to explore and discover. Providing materials and opportunities for Fine Motor Development, along with reinforcing and motivating children’s interest in physical fitness are just some of the final steps in helping your “Seniors” get ready for their “cap and gown” graduation day and their exciting journey into the world of Kindergarten.

19 Years Serving Senoia and Peachtree City GA
19 Years Serving Our Community