JuniorsThree year old Preschooler is full of wonder.


3 Years OldOur TEAM of experienced professionals have been trained at helping Junior preschoolers accept and appreciate themselves and each other, while providing opportunities for children to be successful and feel competent.  At this early age of 3 years old, your child will start to develop many new skills.

Juniors will experience:

  • Introduction to Basic Reading Skills
  • Exploration of Math and Science Concepts
  • Music and Art Expression

Our stable learning environment will enable your child to develop positive self esteem and emotional well-being. Preschoolers will spend time in their Library, Manipulative Center, Home Area, Sensory Center, Math Center and discover the world of computers.

At this age your child is now gaining interest and excitement in the development of their Gross Motor Skills. Outdoor playground fun time is now beginning to take on a new meaning.

Starr’s Mill Academy is delighted to offer an assortment of award-winning, research-supported curriculum programs: High Reach Learning is the curriculum in use for our Juniors. Click the link to read more about it!

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