Starrs Mill AcademyStarrs Mill Academy Preschool and Childcare Center has been in operation since 1999 with an average daily attendance of 240 children. Our preschool has served thousands of families over the years by listening, understanding, addressing, and helping parents solve problems and concerns for their children. These have enhanced the school’s development of expert childcare skills to be a successful childcare provider.

About Miss Ramelle – Owner, Operater, Director:

Family owned and operated by director Ramelle Dinofer, also a wife and mother, is currently working on her first book “Childcare – What Every Parent Needs to Know.”  Affectionately called “Miss Ramelle” by her students, she is an expert childcare consultant who manages, trains and has developed hundreds individuals interested in the field of childcare to become successful professional caregivers & teachers.

Ramelle’s unconditional love for all children has driven her to commit her life to the education of children, building their morale, and filling them with a positive view of their future. Today’s children WILL become tomorrow’s leaders. Empower your child! As a child travels along that winding road called life from childhood to adulthood…what a young mind conceives and believes it can achieve.

Being married and the mother of two wonderful children, she is referred to as “Miss Ramelle” because children in childcare centers and elementary schools around the world are taught to address their female teachers as Miss Kate, Miss Ann, etc.  For many years, hundreds of kids have called her Miss Ramelle.

In 1999 she became a Licensed Foster Parent and MAPP Certified (Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting) by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. In 2001 Ramelle and her husband Glenn were selected out of 750 families nationwide to adopt their new daughter from the Foster Care System.

Through the process of becoming a foster parent, getting MAPP certified and adopting a child through the system, real life experience has given Ramelle a great deal of understanding and knowledge that gives her the ability to handle many of today’s issues.  She has successfully worked with many adoptive parents and children either going through the adoption process or having completed it. Experiencing parents and children coming together and resolving important issues and obstacles has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her career.


  • Earned a CDA (Child Development Associate) from Florida Memorial College.
  • Licensed Foster Parent
  • MAPP Certified (Florida Department of Children and Family services)

Miss Ramelle completed the following State Licensing approved training sessions:

  • 40 Hour Center Management and Leadership Training
  • Critical Links in Protecting Children
  • Helping Children in Childcare Cope With Divorce
  • Creating Positive Outcomes for Problematic Behavior
  • Creating Healthy Lifestyles with Good Food Choices
  • Appreciating and Celebrating Diversity
  • Positive Relations with Families
  • Injury and Safety Awareness
  • Infection and Disease Control
  • How to Recognize and Report Child Abuse
  • Building Blocks of Nutrition for Children
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Solutions to Attention Seeking Behaviors
  • CPR Certified

Miss Ramelle is a member of the following organizations:

  • National Association of Childcare
  • NAACP Silver Lifetime Member
  • Georgia Childcare Association
  • Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • Partners in Education Fayette County School System
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Community Service Program Fayette County Sheriff’s Department
  • Drug and Safety Education Program Fayette County
  • Saint Jude Children’s Hospital Annual TRIKE-A-THON (12th year)

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you with any questions or challenges you may have.